in consequence of the loss of nervous power, the movements of
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inspection as will jirevent the introduction of the plague at
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inflammation is apt to spread from the nose over the whole
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except the tests for excess of reagents, which I have
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Seeing then that the cattle plague is beyond the power of all
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as to the beginner, it is safe to say that the reading of the
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sults that the general mortality of the disease is .5.6 per
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solution of ethylendiamin. It is an antiseptic which does not
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(2.) By housing the animal in a warm, dry, light, well-venti-
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veiy strenuous in regard to their pathologic influence.
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tinction should be drawn between the balancing power
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axifos to work, ho;vever visitors will us^ autos mo:pe extensively, ^
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was unusually large. The bladder at the time of operation was
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velopment. The spleen and the kidneys are the organs
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cient to account for her i\^iMh.-{Memoire sur la Maladic dite du
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THIS AGRSiiadJSNT made and eutered Into as of the Q^U day of
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coiumerce. Nor is tlie main spread influenced bv the wind
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intimately join the tumor in the larynx and trachea
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I have no experience of the bichromate of potash, recommended
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In the intervals between these attacks his condition was
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throat, and it has the very great advantage that the patient
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refer to the card at each visit and thus keep in touch
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absorption of the altered or degener.itud exudates of pleuro-
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emits, during expiration, a giunting sound, it is called a
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stood for he could not tell. I have much respect for the good
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putrefied in 9 cases. The skull was separated by decapitation
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structures, rather than for individual occupancies.
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undone, the stomach closed, a portion of the jejunum resected
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the larger joints, and especially around that of the haunch. This
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State Board of Health, who was not reappointed by Governor
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operated about sixteen months previously, for the relief of this
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port of the Committee on Anesthetics for the British Medical
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the walls or other cold or alkaline material— but strengthening
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considerable difficulty. There is a hypersecretion of 2 urethral
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