before the operation. As the growth on the posterior wall of
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sequently, obliged to take under consideration the radii
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<umulate. By introducing a catheter about one inch, he can,
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There was considerable amendment in the state of his
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I'orny coverings ^^^^^^^^nt suppuration detaches the
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oftlfe loLes arioff "J ^^'f^^'^^-^^^ distinct mapping oS
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blood is increased during its abstraction from an artery or vein.
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an irritant, or prevent it from affecting the internal structures.
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The contagium or virus, probably a microbe which may yet bo
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to be opened. She was directed to cut off her hair close to the
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attached not only to the valves but to the chonte tendinea?,
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are unquestionably great, and in view of the essential
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same relationship to respirator.v pollution as typhoid docs to
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lead poisoning in man. Fits and partial paralysis came on at
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seems that each animal species has its own peculiar
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Mendel-"* has lately proved that thymus gland both in
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supply those constituents which are required by the wasted
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found shock to the local lymph-system and clouding does not
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it is also sometimes seen in tetanus. Its most prominent
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constitute the basis of every r>athQlo"ical nh.nnrre,
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necessary to give to a horse at rest several pounds' m re oin
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" First. ' Olga ' (No. 6), thirty-one days after first contact.
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from the operation, but later died, probably of heart disease.
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The second sound is undoubtedly due to the sudden closure
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291.59. The out-door department treated 1102 cases, medical
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second case, death occurred twelve aays after purchase : the liver
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TIte treatment of farcy is both local and general. The swellings
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proper for an experiment where human life was at stake.
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"(/.) Conditions of the nervous system which bear a charac-
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engorgement, a crarV'ing sound is heard, mingling with the
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It could now stand for some hours, but if made to move it
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movements being relatively more disturbed than the action of
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dovjn and not replaced and in which under existing con-
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Dr. Frederick W. Cox, Vermillion, lias been appointed
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muscular action; persistent tonic spasm of the 1^0 of t^^
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nitrate is used to precipitate the chlorids; the liquid is
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put to severe and prolonged exertion, when neither its muscular,
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pulmonary hemorrhages, the former dying at the age of 88,