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the proliferation involves all the structures of the spleen, and

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2. If the existing structure should be destroyed or demolished,

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water or thin gruel may, however, be allowed, and all food

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W. Eugene Martin, M.D., University of Louisville, 1894,

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It generally occurs but once in a season, but one attack does not

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In both these cases death is instantaneous. In the first case,

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affected in such a manner that walking is difficult or

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as being a malignant, 7io?i-contagious epizootic fever of the

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Robert Stone, M^.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons,

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gested yessels Bearing this in mind, the rapidity with which the

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(^0 That the relative proportion of these vanes in diffprpnt

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indefinite our idea of disease must be indefinite also- and t e

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making the incision, and takes the place of the grooved

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of Devonshire and a forcing ic on Devonshire to jog

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eggs — mayonnaise, egg-nog, etc. — and the albumin and

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discharged a htlle unhealthy pus. has healed slowly, the tumour

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more strongly stated than in the words of Sir Henry Thomp-

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in the absence of statutory provisions, there is no property in

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abundant secretion of saliva, which is constantly sM'allowed; if

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with the exception of the somewhat antiquated treatises up to