omy and Physiology ot the Organ. Together with the Treatment

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degrees ; color and odor normal ; somewhat cloudy, consider-

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tioner in this or any otlier disease ; however, as it advances, the

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the cardiac branches of the great sympathetic or ganglionic nerve.

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This form of death is caused by diseases of the lungs or

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other point of interest in this case is with reference to the con-

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tunate result, however, can only be looked upon as very

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sumptives just as many afflicted with some form of ner-

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It is probably the most satisfactory and most successful in

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Scotland: Dundee. Feb. 8-16, 6 eases: Glasgow, Feb. lu-22,

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fessional operators outweighs any fancied encroachment

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start causing it to groan and to jump as it were in agony. At

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phatic temperament seems to predominate. In this tempera-

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disease starting m the bronchi, and insidiously implicating the

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eft ventricle, when the walls are increased in thickness and

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llHs transmission of the disease through a lon^r series of

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