George Chismore, of San Francisco. Drs. Max Melchior, of

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variable size, and there will be a discharge from the nos'rU o

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compliance with its established standards; but the fact

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The thanks of the Committee are due to our colleagues in

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combination with opium. Bleeding, except to relieve urgent

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Boston Med. and Surg. Jour., 1890, cxxiii, 337-340 ; also, Methods

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struction of the project, with the icidcrstanding that the total

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Artery; east of this point as well as further: west along the ■;

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f^om which tubercle springs. The cells Lm to ilw^^^^^^^^^

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Such, then, are a few facts which serve as indications of the

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J. Curtis, B. S., and M.D. (Lond.), F.K.C.S., Late Surgical

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to which this certificate is attached is in substantially the form as that presented

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Lik'j the poison of cattle plague, that of sheep-pox is both

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H. C. Foster, 530 Ellis St., Augusta. Ga., to Ochlochonee. Ga.

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♦The Treatment of Rheumatic and Allied Diseases of Joints

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were round, witli shiir})ly defined borders, varying in size from

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Logan, Colo., to San Francisco, Cal., en ro\ile to Manila for duty

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weeks, wi hout inducing any observable local chan'rCeraUv

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instructive. Two months ago I heard a similar one read before

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struments of investigation, or our modes of using them.

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the entire dog species in the Yukon territory. A supply of the

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4 John S. Butler: The Man and His Hospital Methods. Charles

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101. Influence of Alcohol on Muscle 'Work. — The con-

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36. Aloore and Purlnton : American Jour, of I'hysiol., vol. Hi,

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great care is to be taken that such are not suddenly turned

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years ; a purulent bronchopneumonia was also associated

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meat extract, and then in the arterial blood of the rabbit they

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Mrs. P. had passed the test breakfast into the intestine

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all animals water is also necessary, not' only as a diluent, but as

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..aturally folio™ the ™u°S matte Tn,?"'''"'?'-'' ■"

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man to get at the first change which ensues in the bronchi

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has been gradually increasing for a lengthened period. The

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of fasting, as during a long and severe day with the hounds,