From November until March the weather is cold, but March
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lung tissue. One case, in a very old man of gouty habit,
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the disease is ushered in by a severe rigor, succeeded by a hot
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Ensworth Hospital Medical College, St. .Joseph, held its
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the so-called chemotactic substances of various kinds,
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Appearance of Mucous Membrane of Colon of Iceland Pony, natural
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concurrent construction is hereinafter sometimes called "improvement
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tion by the Authority a feasible proposal for such rehabilita-
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)- 1. The Authority vjill xxndertake the Project in accordcuice
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as reproductors, of affected stallions, and in the case of recovery
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in size from that of a small pea to a hen's egg or larger. They are
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strise, and finally the whole contents of the sarcolemma may be
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ceased altogether, as I have not found a diseased one for some
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removed by MTA at any time within ninety days after such abandon-
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nosis may be made out without the use of complicated :i|i
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this duty, grant him leave of absence, on the expiration of which
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the eyes and nose. The animal presents signs of uneasiness in
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Means must therefore be taken to overcome this condition of
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also disappear in liquids in the presence of carbonic acid, and
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tlie agony of death from disease bears no comparison to that
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My experience with electrolysis in the subglottic re-
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the author the after-treatment of circumcision — whether he
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nient of various Parasites, of which six plates, with explanatory
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Four years; ago,' when I last had the honor of presid-
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which resists w; 'ling, showing that tlie colouring matter has
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there may be nothing but the discharge from the nostril to lead
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to enable the physicians to treat the wounds. Yet, even if the
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and proliferation of myelocytes may be explained accord-
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L^e^^hich T"l{ 'T ^"'^"^^^^^^ ^' - aplastic n't' I;
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undertaken to investigate it, in the hope of being enabled to
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.■). The Suprarenal in Epistaxis. — Cases of long-continued
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processes. The thorax is bared and greased. The silver knife
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the leviotdale Farmers' Club, who at his instigation had made
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Fifty-first Annual ileetlUK of the American Medical Association,
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