which is absorbed from the intestinal canal, and conveyed into
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follows: "In the vagina gonorrhea is easily curable, in the
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and size have much to do with. Ossification of the lateral
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Now, if pleuro-pneumonia were a species of bronchitis, or, as
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efficiently rnovlng traffic ;, other solutions must be sought.
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upon the effective date of such ter: '.n-tlon, the Contractor shall be reimburced
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. maxillary areolar tissue, gradually extending down the neck to
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Dr. G. L. Richards, Fall River. Mass. — I can appreciate
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the fingers. At this time the leucocytes were increased.
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91 'Operative Measures for the Radical Cure of Inguinal Hernia.
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united to the distal portion by one transfixion stitch
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cal teachers since 1754, when Antonius de Haen, of the Hospital
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rule to be of great practical value. The astigmatic
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I'ul, there seems to be no reason why rabies should not be entirely
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inches in length extending obliquely across the inner
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plague, the arrestation being much more sudden and complete
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Beyond -this "calculationif it should bo noti^d that. If we deldt© from
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the inherited and acquired right to a berth in the insane
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ganism, on the one hand, and on the other, on a congenital, ab-
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of the occiput is prone to occur, and in these eases forceps are
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subject is wide. It i,?, I am sorry to say, too wide to be
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Harry' A. Littlefleld. captain and asst.-surgeon. Vols., recently
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converted into urea, which would remain in Nature without
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also limited, some affec ■' , one membrane, or one '; ; or
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treatment" he meant treatment where the disease had been
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Aufgaben und Zielpunkte der wissenschaftlicheu Anatomie ; Leip-
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seen in the ieUy from thp ^J!^J\ .^^^ °f ^^^ organisms
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systems of organs, such as-;-A, diseases of the nervous system ;
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chlorid will turn blue when treated with organic substances.
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sweats, a dazed or dim appearance of the eyes, convulsive