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all cases the intestines, especially the large ones, were inflamed.

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of its spread. It is evidently communicable from the individual

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Case 5. — T. D., a boy 12 years of age, was brought

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contagious in country places, and only rarely so, or by exception,

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that, on the trial of a civil action for the recovery of damages

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11. Subcontracting; . None of tho serxd.ce3 covered by this Contract shall

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meridians excepting in cases of irregular astigmatism.

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hours. In the same manner a third generation was started, by

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the disease has rapidly disappeared when acid phosphate of soda

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Antisepsis can be secured only by the use of the brush,

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physics of "Christian science.'" and human credulity

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tice, would, I opine, lead to disastrous results, and shoidd not be