measures. ■ Dermatology is an inviting, though difficult,
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have endeavoured to restrict the word symptom to the pheno-
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briltl ' '''°'' ^'^"^ " ^"^1 reddish-brown, becomin"
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to the varieties and subvarieties of the micro-organisms
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liver, great contraction of the urinary bladder, the blood more
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George L. Eystfr. president: Dr. .Joseph R. Hollowbush. vice-
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.ind softened in hot alcohol, then c-overed with Peruvian balsam
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spira'.ion by prejudice and ignorance. It does not re-
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disease in „ue,tio„T-,,r,°rTi.^'" '"'"'''■ ""<■ """ "'»
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bladder, vagina, and perhaps uterus, for mucous mem
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ia.ry mnitration and degeneration of the hear liv"er"and otW
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35. Schiifer and Oliver: Journal of Physiol., Cambridge and
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By applying these and other observations, M. Pasteur obtained
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manner, neither cut exceeding 3..5 cm. The testicle is then
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be due to a catarrhal inflammation, to disease of the teeth, or
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If required by the Engineers the Consulting Engineer
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width of 45' from Cambridge Street level (43.0') to
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hyperplasia. They begin, says Pierret, as nuclear, ex-
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the flow of blood in another, is also well exemplified in con-
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668,762. Disinfecting apparatus. Thomas N. Thompson, Scran-
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D* Govergaental Be quj.rern-^.riwjs. The Consulting Engineer
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adonidin. In his investigations adonidin proved the very best
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iron will be useful at a later stage, should convalescence be
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political point of view is hardly a desirable one. The
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cular abnormality, excepting an exophoria of ..5 degree. With
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the one a tolerably correct measure of the other. The quantity of
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had been practised, and the loss since has amounted to 537, or
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Traffic demands at this route are. such that four \Tno^>ing■■• >•<.
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ncious, deglutition per ormed wiuf I'ffl u' ''"^'^'''^^ '' 'H^'
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impure air even better than cold draughts blowing directly
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It will be seen that the oil globules vary in size, some beincr
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tion, and thus providing against injury to these during the
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and even to man. Glanders affects the horse and ass, but is
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" Their food for the last three months, turnips carted out on
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