muscles, gave rise to the sense of active and passive

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of the committee, which has also sho^vn its wisdom in other

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gestion of the tniatm.ent of the disease; intn nhjeetive, when they

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claims that this operation will prove serviceable in the majority

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in the production of skin diseases, and many have been

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patches of varic ;s sizes, prior to tlie formation of the papuh-e-

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because the sexual relations between husband and wife are un-

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ing and general hydrotherapoutic procedures consisting

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emphasized that the dose to be employed is the largest

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ease in which they call attention to the following points as of

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of unaided as well as aided sight :ind touch in our study,

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the first, a child 3 years old developed a well-marked case, but

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a consequence of it. These are: 1, disease of the blood; 2, dis-

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first observed by Friedreich, who applied to it the term

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• Read by title, in tJie Section on Ophtlaalmology, at tlie Fifty-first

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class of affections and their proper and best therapeutic

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views from those which prevailed in the convention. The view

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of varying size, generally first on the body and limbs,

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already pointed out the danger of administering drastic cathar-

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The thickness of the blood du I 'r , ^•'''"^, ""'"'''''^ S^^''"^-

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membrane. If the pulse, in spite of this rest, develops any

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IhelZT "°"'"^5^^"d microscopy of the disease, says that

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