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ered the whole vocal cord. There were superficial ulcerations
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Pathology, as applied to the Domesticated Animals, and the
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Louis ; assistant secretary. Dr. W. G. Hotter, of the Dis-
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tion to the hyperplasia of the submucosa it is inferred that
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list. The skin over the tumors below the neck is imperfectly
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ciated with general emaciation, and with degeneration of other
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Charles H. Lester. Robert T. Sloan. Lincoln G. Taylor. Charles
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conducted from the study of glanders direct to the inoculation of
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least as I have had anything to do with it, to make it
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two years. Certainly, in my hands, the results have been
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floating in the serum, are composed of fibrin. When examT. .1
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the philanthropic point of view, where their number is legion,
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legal autopsy. In less than two hours after the infection had
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entirely by my friend, Dr. F. Eobert Zeit, professor of
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.Articles are accepted for publication with the understanding that
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small scale rhythm of wall openings. Subdivision of the
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A complexity of causes is often operative in the same case.
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cells as well as of gonococci. Nogues, Guepin, Feleki, Tom-