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Martin J. Hutchens, M.D., University of Vermont, Bur-
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" Twelfth. All animals that escape after inoculation without
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and donned clean undergarments just prior to the accident.
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mass transit, resulting in an increase of vehicle loads
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toxin are due not to the active principles but to the serum
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arched."— (Mr. Cowan's Prize Essay on Braxy, Highland and
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with Section 26R of Chapter 121, may require pa.yxa.ents in lieu of
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The small pulse — 2>uls^i.sparats — may result from anemia; from
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b\- gastric disturbances, doubts its purely gastric origin.
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itary influences associated with the sexual passion, and
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Vesicae) durch Implantation der Harnleiter in den Dickdarm.
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in the serum of blood and in some tissues of the body, while
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Moor's formula of oxalate of urea can not be recognized by
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port of the Committee on Anesthetics for the British Medical
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the thorax, forming a meclianical impediment to the transit of