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Quinin as an Oxytoxic. — JleGee (Bui. of Cleveland General
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establishment of the disease, and immunity against a repetition
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whose history has been known from their birth hlveTve
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pneumonia in the horse, the exuded materials not only fill
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ditions, containing twenty rooms for private patients, a modern
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you that our state legislature has similarly rebuked John R.
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meeting of this .Society was held in Lafayette, ^[arch 4. Dr.
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malady, which resulted from a i>uncture received in dissecting
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munication which indicate that the stomach, intestines and
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would not tend to benefit the patient. Le Conte recom-
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appearance, whilst in others tlie whole of the pleura, pulmonalis
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conception of the term diphtheria in the course of the
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Death from Use of Peroxid of Hydrogen. I'. .Mokk.\i.
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demic was unusually late in coming this year — 1899-
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that we think the book as a whole one to be recommended to
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Haymarket Relief Station to an intersection with the easterly
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The animal is dull, dejected, off its food, performs ordinary
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employed. If these are given in combination with an oleaginous
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turn; operative results good. Right kidney: pyelonephritis
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lowing drugs. But now it seems to me almost rational
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be induced to include drawings in their articles, as Ur. Strieker
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practically entirely suppressed while they were e.xliibited.
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or when the lesions are so large, active or disseminated
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tarium, and in the presence of any suspicious exudate, the