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By paying attention to the systemic factors, we are often able
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of such individuals, to the loss of judgment, memory,
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Dr. Roland H. Stubbs has been elected health officer of
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interests of the profession." The committee therefore
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the influence of climate, food and water, ventilation and drainacre
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40. Rollestou : Brit. Med. Jour.. London. 1895, vol. 1 : also
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cause of its residential character and the number of surface
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adapted to the needs of a tuberculous invalid, that they would
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warded to Dr. W. W. Keen, 1729 Chestnut street, Philadelphia,
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to the expression "black as your hat, and rotten as a pear,"
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water seems to diminish the amount of exudation, and modify
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that simply makes the condition worse. I am not an advocate
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ous reagents, especially for albumose and peptone, will
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