It will thus be seen that the officers represented the

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Far too little employed is the valuable test of Politzer

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Similar climatic conditions have, however, not been followed

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haste and carelessness by jealous rivals. The operator is

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ordinarily very limited pathogenic activity. Finally, it

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irritating cough, and through that probably ulcerations

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ing for a location. At a recent town meeting it was voted to

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fair tests of the operation of lateral anastomosis, since

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absolute rest in the acute stages is of the greatest importance.

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origin. This provision shall include, but not be limit;,.! to, the following:

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Dr. Geo. Ben Johnston, of Richmond, in which, mingled with

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ability be disappointing in organic valvular lesions of

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of the Digestive Organs, also effects of Potatoes) ^ '''''^''^'

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a poisoning of the muscles themselves. Mendel has found the

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alum, it does not maintain in Canada, where the product goes

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the better, for nothing is more calculated to do mischief than

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Sanford H. Sloan, M.D., Missouri Medical College, St.

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government, and has betn endorsed by the inspectors of prisons

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been changed by said activities, now is a decadent area In

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storing, etc. Where the active principles only are em-

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patients — i. e., tuberculous and non-tuberculous — where

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day. Tlie cow, iu the meantime, having perhaps been on its

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of the saw and scissors, excepting where excessive indurations

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an arrest of the circulation by the excessive accumulation of its

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only, and he recommends a covered box for the lamp, open at

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sions, shock, worms, phimosis, adenoids, etc., causing,

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larynx is diminished in confirmed roarers, and that consequently

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the menstrual function have not been affected more severely

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proceeds and the BRA estimate is due to the following:

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takes. He thinks that probably glasses are worn too much in