neck — inner portion of supraclavicular fossa — with re-
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numerous embedded bacilli and micrococci, as seen in figure 2.3.
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iS Causation and Treatment of Constipation in Children. John
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that, in fact, the brain — engorged as it may appear — is in an
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injected, and of a yellow tinge. In some cases, the yellowness
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art fin Tr '' ''^"'^^ "" ''''' P^"^'^« J°"^^ ''' °PP°^«d surfaces,
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tends even to the nerve centers, which change their task
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against, what we must strive to avert in different cases "
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the disease the power of vision is lost, the eyes bein. aniauroUc
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work on surgery, published in 17fi9 by Bertrandi. he gave an
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under my notice the rigors ontinued without intermission for
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out of bed in the morning, washes his face and hands,
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to the frequency of ganglionary adenopathy in the tropics,
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the slightest degree of paralysis noted. The seizures
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^I'g- changes, to the Central Artery and that -portion of its ramp ' J^{l^fc'
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manifestations are swelling, blackness, and mortification of the
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lactic acid originated with Dr. Prout. The lactic acid originates
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become strengthened by the fibroid tissue and the heart re-
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117 Rectitis: Operation Advised and Refused: Blood Cured
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venous pressure is so considerable, and the range of variation
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spores, only the periphery of which took the stain."'