irritating; it sweats on the surface ao drops of cold serosity.

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part can be detected are caUed sti-udural or m-ganic diseases.

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nomena. 3. The marked inflammatory changes and hyaline de-

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the use of mass transit must also be considered in establishing

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The animal is dull, dejected, off its food, performs ordinary

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work or apportionable work and the actual itemized costs and

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l^rnir ^"'""f"' '"f ''""• "^"""^ the slightest previous

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the mnscles, and even the solid bones themselves, v^hen long

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ing attached to it, by an agreement among the colleges

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dation of some portions of tlie lungs, occlusion of the tube,^

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vasomotor center by nitrogenous waste occurs, and the arterial

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trations is not necessary to prove the necessity of employ-

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symptoms are as follows : — The head is turned singularly to the

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disease which recently broke out here has, after a partial sub-

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acidity in all examinations. Percentages refer to c.c. of

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attending school, any child or person who resides in a building

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though all have a fairly clear idea that smallpox is contagious.

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latally m a short period, but most commonly there are som^

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cities and registration has been revolting to the Anglo-

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roundings, when we read of the condition of the Italian

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oratories in Connection with Hospitals for the Insane.

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American Journal of Surgery and Gynecology (St. Louis. Mo.),

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in curing the disease. As is often the case, our treat-

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in medical literature, and which offer indeed, the only

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as the worthless character of the kidney to be removed. Among

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Therapeutics in the University of Michigan. Second Edition,

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On February 26 suppuration was progressing actively under

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autopsy. The peritoneal surface was smooth, with but little

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detected, am t oanm ' ""'" '"'"•'''""' ''"« ^'^^ ^^' ^eeu

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The symptoms are the same as in the ox, and any one familiar

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latter have the characters of caseous masses and contain numer-

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seen as a consequence of this that tlie pericardium has been

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was saturated with decomposing products, and the water was

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June 30, 1899. These statistics are especially valuable

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larger character, pointing out that the exudate is undergoing

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basis so comprehensive, simply because tlie material does not

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T^ cow may i^emam in this condition for several hours pro

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iind that the sphincters lose their power of contractility nor is

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prescribes certain leind uses for the project area and