aneurysm of the beginning of the aorta, and of dissecting
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nuscular substance of the heart is paralyzed, being of a dirty
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of the blood ; and Dr. Handheld Jones states that he has ob-
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the accumulation of fat and the occurrence of derangements of
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have suffered contractures. They should always include pas-
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mucous membrane surrounding tlicni has been seen to be
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can enter and leave and travel about the building in a
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tion of the mucous membrane, with the ordinary curved scissors
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ijeiisible. This may be taken as a type of cause Ind effetTa 1
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Dr. F. C. Valentine, New York City — I resort to no after-
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be nausea and vertigo with increased cardiac action
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came under my care, I drew a few drachms of blood, and imme-
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the shortest recorded in his notes being three days and the
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exudate about th^butt of the tail, extending either to the side of the
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frequency has reference to the succession of the pulsatiins. A
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coast. This washing ashore of the infected carcases caused
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and contains the elements of the blood without the blood cor-
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(iv%i\c>^|^"i^r'-;^.;-'..^^'^' Based oa this new land .development, Atlantic-
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aust CO arrange his work under this Agreoaent so as to ccaply
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At a later stage the contents of the obstructed bronchi irp
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Experimental Study of Gout. M. Fkeudweilek. — Subcu-
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Experiment 68. Dog XI. (Dog XII,. Pathological Reports.!
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acid are used to precipitate the urea which is filtered
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teruaturally engorged or congested. Such then is the condition
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sion IS arrived at by the fact tliat two or thr,., or ev.r ^r ay ^J
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revolutionary cells are discussed as actively among
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»>;'l afterwards ndneral t u s of/' "'' "°°^'' ^^'•"'''^•'^We.
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anemic states have been shown at times to be a concomitant
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general t.-en.blin.;y.;2: f"''' T'f """ "''^ I-'^-l -
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demand for this innovation; under the limitations in-
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acid ; by fractures of the cranial walls, the pressure of tumours
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St. Paul, arriving there in time for breakfast the first day of
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Black-Leg — Quarter-Ill — Black-Quarter. — This form occurs
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The first demand of the patient is usually for relief
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of Medicine," of which his father was the author; was editor of
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tliat the " resting spores " of bacilli are very tenacious of life. The
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■^.■,;%A;''::.*=^^"'".tinuous arterial street composed, of V/aahington
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the substance into which the tissues are transformed in the so-
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inarUid endothcliiil piolifcration with rnlargi'incnt of the blood
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tonic is thearsenite of strychnia; and I have been in the habit
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to the area east of the Central Artery ana along the street
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T"o the erc-'iiX-v that major improvements invol-^e matters
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The development uf these uuuuurs is =ignaiizca ny "'^i- -
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Louisiana State Medical Society. New Orleans. April 18-20, 1901.