Tlie pulse during the first few days is not materially altered.

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the intestinal canal are not only swollen, but infiltrated with a

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than that of a traumatic character: but, notwithstanding, the

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growth, the most trustworthy urinary antiseptic is urotropin.

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cylic acid or menthol, to allay itching, in eczemas, with appro-

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cities. Refuse includes street sweepings, various cast-off arti

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the bases of the semilunar valves which extended through

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81. Ammonium Persulphate. — Ravenel and Gilliland have

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duces pathologic physiology, pathologic anatomy and semei-


spasmodic, the broken-winded cough, and the cough of the roarer.

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tion: added to a small quantity of brandy or whisky diluted

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of the scalp ; and the great variety in their terminology

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to one-half its original size and filled with healthy granula-

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his health had always been good. Shortly after the beginning

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the chimney, and to extend half a mile further. Oxide, carbonate,

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understood. Bichat made several experiments which went to

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examinations at least once a week in order to determine when

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lief. Would that the opportunity of successfullv coping

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every disease which shows external changes capable of illus-

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2. Tennination for Convenience of Local Public Agency . The Local Public

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from cultivation of the blood and spinal fluids of sheep affected

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using, for the last four or five years, in cases of constitutional

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are dry, hard, pellety, and often covered with mucus ; the urine

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■iuflicient number of mono-ovarian women giving birth to chil-

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as near a straight line as possible; the eyes prominent, con-

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instantaneous even in a dilution of one part to five thousand.

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visual, touch, or auditory stimulus is applied, and the

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" Thus globulin, added, under proper conditions, to serous

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warts corresponding in appearance and structure to the same

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some peculiar narcotic principle, tliat is developed in the grass at

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George Eastes. — This article gives the conclusions of the re-

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from such. It may occur under two opposite conditions,