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the horse. This is sometimes streaked with blood; it is not,
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For tlie last four years M. Pasteur has been engaged in con-
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April 9, 10 and 11. Dr. William D. Haggard, Jr., is secretary,
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maneuver is repeated nine to twelve times a day in three or
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become interested in it. This being true as a general
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Considered with regard to it 1 2. r •?"'""""'* ^^ '^' ««i'-
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veterinary science, and necessary for its teaching ; and were the
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It will be apparent that removal of animals frcra the source
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mode o:^ study. There are many things that speak in
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ranges and diminished equability, lower percentage of
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propriety be called disease ; but if we look further into tirmalter
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14. Paresis Simulating' Brain Tumor. — Sinkler reports a
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njica-like scales of a brown colour, and fall to the botton?o?the
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the cortical center for the arm. Spastic paresis anel hyper-
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13 to 13 D, as measured by a concave lens placed in the
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pulse is very hard, the lateral displacement of the submaxillary
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some recent injury, the other factor is probably ])rimarily re
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liver, showed a good and consistent chemic condition.
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I carefully made up two solutions as follows : Solution
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Is^. Charlonoits or Anthrax Fever —Jr, fl,,-o ^ i-u
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thesia to be rapidly produced with a minimum of ether.
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into the system. Coincident with the elevation of temperature,
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certain tissue or organ. If the dose of the irritant is strong, the
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belongs to those diseases which 1'' b,?' '^'''.'^^' ^^^^« ^"^brax.
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something hard to avoid when it is considered that each colony,
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them during life, and may arise in congestion of any part, and
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the sound increases with age as the sinuses undergo change.'
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sliown that the virus is a hundred times more infective, that the
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irritation of the par vagum, the function of this muscle is inter-
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njust received, Beitraege z. Malaria-Frage, No. 1, calls atten-
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ocular contents, sympathetic ophthalmitis is not likely to
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with this school, has given the faculty the op])ortunity to give-
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sternum across the flank to the anterior spine of the ilium. A
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thirst and profuse uriimfinn / °i r! '^"' '^re excessive