the multiplication of the bacilli introduced by the inoculation ;
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serum are described. The action was as energetic as that of
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sage, internal urethrotomy, or even, in some cases, external
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162 The Necessity of Coercive Measures in Suppressing Smallpox
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paralysis is complete immediately aftei' an accident. ''.Vhereaa,
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a complete education of the adult public is impossible, but he
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his health had always been good. Shortly after the beginning
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Malarial Fever With Special Reference to the Value of Blood
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is entirely different. This is the so-called "measle
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removal of the cause is tlie first step in the treatment of all
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tions and service was so extreme as to necessitate rectal
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7. Expose des principaux Travaux Scientlfiques de A. J. Gufpin.
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he likely to appeal to most surgeons. He introduced his hand
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which was composed almost equally of muscular and fatty tis-
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canine disease. Cliarbonous disease is transmissible to man and
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Dr. Denslow Lewis has reproduced, in book form, the clinical
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fracture of the base of the skull or of the arch of the orbit. The
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junctival membi-ane is much injected, the skin is intensely hot,