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we are called upon to deal, what is technically known a.«
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1'. A. Surgeon T. B. Perry, granted leave of absence for thirty
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than usual, when it said to be small— pulsus parvus. Largeness
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Jour. Surg., 1897. x, p. 41 ; Transact. Mich. Med. Soc, 1896, p. 56.
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a suction syringe is to be apphed, the force of which is to be
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ton, for the arrest of four "Christian Scientists" for alleged
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hours after the primary distension of the vessels, and consists in
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signs are added tremblings, convulsions, grinding of the teeth,
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(4.) The formation or exudation of fluid matter holding
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power will b'e 10^. t e mul^^^^^ ^V^^^ ^11 voluntary
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rent is this condition, that it has been truly said that diabetes,
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belirving that the pathology of the superior animal — man —
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of whom have furnished your Committee with very carefully
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Peking's Beggars. — Apart from all sanitary measures as a
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enters its final host — man, cat, dog, tiger, hog (Stiles).
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involved the meninges of the brain, and produced the phrenzy,
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holding the superstition that a child who dies before the age
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bladder may be paralyzed. If the injury be higher up, in addi-
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the only indication of intolerance of thyroid treatment. The
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In all irritations of the larjTix menthol is of excellent
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not the doctor should have taken out more of the stomach. He
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that: 1. The bacillus coli communis possesses to a marked de-
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albuminous substance wliich enters so largely into the red
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killing. Where — as in the case of the staphylococcus and ap-
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liypotheses and crude observations of a century before He has
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weary or not, which appears almost immediately, but is very
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after the windows were screened none of the new inmates be-
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coloring matter from the urine is a very poor and inaccurate
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semi weekly. If the inert ase in weight does not progress satis
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produces vesicles; the sheep lose their eyes; their wool All dl
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such relation with the group of symptoms which ar observed
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allows these pigments to remain in the blood unaltered,
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enter Cambridge from Court Street and V/ashington. (Although
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Dr. Beverly D. Harison, Sault Ste. Marie, secretary of the
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imperative. If manual extraction is not possible, he proceeds
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"the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the chil-
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