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18fi0 till 1898, inclusive, and from our compilation it re-
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(pleural) sound is heard. In many cases the thoracic cavity
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found tbat tbis animall^rb :r a, "r"''^'""' "^' ^^ ^^'^^
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the specialist must draw the line at some of the num-
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blood, cause such extensive irritation, pain, and weakness, that
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severity, and the dog was killed forty days after the operation.
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its feet— the fore ones particularly. The slightest excitement
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emphysematous condition of the lungs is due to the generation
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Second, That inoculation does not always produce the disease,
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the extraordinaiy amount of 34 in excess was once observed ;
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In glanderous pneumonia, the exiuled materials are trans-
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i^^'^'^i'''-^'^'- nearby parts of the' central area. As such, it is nn--:^.i-4}-^}'.
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of cases — that is to say, in those instances where the tuberciiLr
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and anatomic description; with energy and endurance
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dren, for one wishing to lay down a scientific theory, based on
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condition. Another question is whether vertigo may not be due
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clieniical elements, are at other times or places inno^cuons. It
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scientific designation for the m-l . 1 i "*^ localisation. ^., a
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fur Wissenschaf niche und Practishe Thicrheilkunde by G. A. B.
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llHs transmission of the disease through a lon^r series of
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to which the French have applied the term " bruit dediahL"
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tice for the relief of laryngeal stenosis. The use of
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resorcin and cane-sugar test. Conversely. HCl had all
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parts of the body except the hea,l, is not an infreouent resuft of
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and irregularity of outline. They are soluble in dilute mineral
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tliat a blister on the palm will remove or prevent the effects of
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dry and form scabs, are sometimes seen. When these scabs fall
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Definition. — A febrile disease, due to the operation of a morbid
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numerous and in some places confluent. The spots ( rupted on
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