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the protruded bowel, I determined to perform a proctorrhaphy,

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involves the non-vascular as well as the vascular structures of

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certain period each day, with shaking of the head and great

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nients in alternately opposite directions. By measuring fhe

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previously announced — .0413 to .0.559 in 100 c.c. of blood.

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opment of immunizing methods in animals, and finally,

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pig, more rarely in the sheep, and seldom in the horse, in which

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hospital which is being erected by the board of health, was

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diaphragm is found ruptured I nm nnf . • ,^7"'!^'^' ^''"

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cause no debility. In fact when we consider the amount

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themselves, although it is evident that the plethora arising after

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humor of an ox, and placed in a well-closed glass vessel, there

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or under his supervision and all peri'onnel ongared in the work shall be fully

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A military hospital, with a capacity of twenty beds, is to

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fered with. In the early stages, and during the paroxysms of

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horse. It denotes, according to Dr. Sanderson, that condition

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sence of notice of the principal's connection with the contract,

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thelium, the secretion of the glands, and in the surrounding

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ordinance passed by the city council, and he believes there was

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three parts. Three iipplieations should be given within tliii i.

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board, officer, or agent thereof, should fail to take appropriate

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principle is absent from the suprarenals of the human

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The other form of spinitis is that manifested by sudden loss of

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in 1853, The inq-iiry appeared to commence half a mile from

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and albumose precipitated by a final reagent, how well

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lesonance may merely indicate a compensatory respiratory effort.

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his conclusions must be somewhat disappointing to the

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every one showing any of these symptoms is considered

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the immun-proteidin. as it is called. They have succeeded in

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on Clinical Medicine, Westminster Hospital. Vol. I. Gen-

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was splintering of the upper fragment posteriorly. The

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s^>ffenng from splenic fever, he found that they invariably Td

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3. All efforts to jjrevent ascending renal infection in

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may be stimulated, say with equal parts of liquor amn;onia,

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which may have no immediate connection with the liver itself

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material. He has never seen this in girls, and therefore is

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and there have been several notable studies and discus-

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sitting. On attempting to rise he pressed his wrist

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George J. Newgardeu, caplain and asst.-surgi-un, I'. S. A., sick

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allowing the animal a plentiful but not over-abundant supply

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remedies upon the animal body, the means by which disease may