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.1 to 40 drops in a glass of water or beer three times a day.
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opinion that the treatment of consumptives should be carried on
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Influence of Spinal Cocainization in Hastening Delivery.
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Mall. F. P. : The Anatomical Course and Laboratory in the
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troduced which, given in doses of from 3 to 5 grains
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But it should not be advised except for these specific
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The nature of the stereognostic sense, upon which the
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a movable, tender tumor beneath the liver, the size of a small
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that dilatation of the air cells is so common in persons labouring
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affected side. The opium may be repeated if the pain continues •
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in size, which is w-orn like a chest protector. On the
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37° C. (95° F.), the rods, as already stated, lengthen out very
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uated forms — of influenza — by lowering the resistance