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The 2^ost mortem examination shows thn+ ihese flat abscesses

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Ultimately, the street should be v^idened to provide two-way

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washed repeatedly with cold water, and kept cool with wet

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functions or responsibilities in the review or approval of the

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The Hou.tes. — The dwelling-houses are devoid of anything

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muscular system, complete amesthesia, coma, and death in from

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si.x aays later, the tubercle bacilli were found ensconced in the

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diuresis, or diarrlin.. .n a^nn, '?, '>^^ ^^^^^'^^ed ; tlie critical sweat,

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general anesthesia is a dangerous one and that not a

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naturally or induced artificiall)', protects the individual

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instances hair-balls are found in fully f^rown (iuttlo, and, as in

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had been prepared and sutured with silkworm gut sutures to