processes in, and the physical characters of, the various

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tunity of witnessing it in this country. Dr. Muvchison, however,

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intestinal difficulties. At the autopsy there was no

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of the abdomen and cold morning douches or frictions will re-

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no closer than 60' from the westerly sideline of New

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Treatment.— It is useless attempting to treat this disease with-

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Recently he had an attack of gall-stone colic, for which he

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joint is put in proper position and ankylosis is allowed

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it consists in means whereby the direct rays of the sun

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in accord with those of Einhorn, Mangesl and others,

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says: "A patient is dangerous so long as a trace of purulent

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pendent; the animal is tender about the loins, ribs, and flanks;

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weeks, was carefully filtered, then boiled for several hours, and

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case progresses favourably it is not again formed, the suppurative

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Fire in Hospital. — On March 11 a tire occurred in the

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small bacillus is regarded as stronger than for any other

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devised. The tracks in wl;icli such a pursuit must be followed

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jjeutic use of the drug will from time to time bring otit

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early guided into courses especially adapted to prepare

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If there be feeble heart-action with consequent irregu-

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gator would then soon be ready with the solution of its

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patients be of low vitality, anemic and very sensitive,

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thermometer is not even a true guide by" which we are able to

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quently takes the form of ascites, while the latter

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ending February 28, there were 12 new cases, of which S were

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is not absoluteh' contraindicated for the reason that

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bladder ; it may be a single one with a transverse partition. He