We can no longer treat of these internal secretions
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tion and oloboration of the blood, and the organs concerned in
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liable to many fluctuations, at times prevailing to a "reat extent
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Baltimore, on the other hand says: "In normal diges-
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the vost mortem examination reveals the cerebral arteries in an
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disease necessitates a large admixture of water in order to keep
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the year, and in isolated cases, presenting much the same symp-
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been definitely settled whether the bacteria which are
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tensores palati, leads to sluggishness of contractility and an
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sorely tortured by attempts to remove by violent remedies-
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the bacillus type, which they have cultivated in various kinds
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their morbid energies, and by so doing gains time for
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to other causes, similar cells, together with pus, are usually
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always a morbid process, as, for example, in the disappearance o
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maintain the aqueous extract sterile. The development in it,
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of water falling into a well, as Iw ' --en already explained. The
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lowing peri-abdominal operations, and reported cases, inei
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overestimated the number of inhabitants in this famous old
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other IS detectable in all parts, except the lower portions, of the
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The appearance of the mouth, however, is occasionally of great
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sibility of death produced by it is not considered a serious
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a tuioid fluid. If the vesicles are broken, troublesome sores
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idea that the matter is to be discussed by physicians alone.
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organization id-thout Uie prior writt- r --pproval of the Local Public Agency.
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"siJ, and if mieroscopicallv ZuZTi f ?'' °' """" "' ^<^'
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ing for a location. At a recent town meeting it was voted to
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and tendei'ness evinced by the animal when the sides are
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months, and the bacteria none the worse for the confinement.
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only one of several ease wntoivnn sur'faco ■streets,
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i/^M^'0'^:v^:^^!:-f^^^^ ^^^^ obviously offcct'-both the- character. . -.
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tization seen in the earjy stages is due to a distended state of
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they carry the full period, the foals to which they give birth are
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is true a resumption of these functions occurs, but not in quan-
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a hen's eg{,^— hard and knotty— but unattached to the sub-
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vesicles. Tho milk also contains these bodies, and upon this
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