board at Washington, I>. C, to examine officers oi' the armv for

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Snake-bites, according to the last annual report of the

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is therefore easilv interfered with. It would seem as

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that we are still unable to observe or appreciate the

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The Court of Civil Appeals of Texas says, in National Fra-

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di(d at McColI, Marlboro County, South Carolina, March 8,

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"If asked to give a pathologiail definition of pleuro-pneu-

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generations and collateral heredity in brothers and sis-

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41 Surgical Technic in Country Practice. E. J. Kempf.

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the condition had been mistaken for an endothelioma. Dal-

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out its risks, and saves for the victim a most useful limb.

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copper, silver, steel or platinum needles were used as

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other instances the intestinal canal or the bronchial mucous

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dered horses. It is interesting, too, that the same doubts have

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changed. He then put her on 25 to 30 grains of hydrobron'iatc

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afterwards; it was quite comatose, witli a slow pulse, cold

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Experiments as to the ^ransmissibility of the disease by in-

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occur after normal labor. Earlj' ocular symptoms may begin

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abdomen and find nothing wrong than to wait until later and

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'•Self-Destruction" Under Life Insurance Policy. — The

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