Andral and Gavarret, is notably increased in various diseases ;
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By March 22, 1900, the ulcerations on the epiglottis were
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the atropin had passed away in twenty-four hours. — Ed.]
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here I shall l/"1 ''P^'^'"" '' ^ "^^^ *° ^««-'it>e them
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heart, producing increased frequency and increased ten-
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Analgesia was effected by means of spinal oocainization.
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and with recurrent irritation of the skin on the nates,
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Pharmacopeia, without stipulating that such articles should be
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may live long enough for level tumours to form under the skin ;
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dizzy upon rising. Treatment directed to the proper action
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but if you should happen to have her sweetheart as a
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teriologic examination. Several slides should be prepared from
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all other remedies which constitute the so-called counter-irritant
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at times be of considerable interest to the general physi-
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they present an ev n sur ^7 ^•'!«'^««';vhereas in purpura
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cated by pulmonary a(l'ections), but the mucous membrano of the
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not removing tissues, as the case may be. pack and drain
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in conditions of special stress have caused arterial and cardiac
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of anatomy, and is not likely so soon to forget the fifth
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of a particular use includes all accessory and ancillary uses,
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vances the crepitations become more and moru pronounced, until
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c.c. for estimating total acidity (both these amounts are
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diagnosis, following after Widal, ended in discouragement.
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cumbing to peritonitis with sloughing of the trans-
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31. Dislocation of the Thumb. — After first noticing the
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defined indications in the treatment, viz., early para-
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the public, who probably would not agree with physicians. The
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ofTicir. has st;\rted :i vaccination crusade in order to protect the
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red spots. The redness is either ramified, or is obviously due
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Such is the disease in man, and its identity with charbon has
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that it is succeeded bv reml d,! ^' ^ ''''' not aware
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to be no question that in favorable cases the fat dimin-
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horse as provided with twenty-four mill-stones: in the Tm of
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been taken by BRA shall be for the purposes hereof conclusive