died in the course of ten years from malignant pustule. The

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quadnapeds the malady never originates except by inoculation

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upon the free surfaces, but also an exudation in the membrane

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This excess is used up by adding 5 to 10 c.c. of the

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experiments, obtained similar results to those of Schiitze.

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WHEREAS, the AuthoritJ^ ..,, .^optember 15, 196.1, entered


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exceed that limit, he should be required to show by some mark

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tion. "Is it better front or back — back or front?" suiting

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fore the injection of cocain. It also reduces the frequency of

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indicate that the growth has undergone a fatty metamorphosis,

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vents any general diminution in the arterial current, and thus

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or of forms in their natural mode of development; he

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in the head as he was by any other person than himself, it was

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openings of the digestive canal, they are of^en covered with

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ottTi experience, which includes seven nephrolithotomies and two

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iologists'" have simply shown that when this gland is

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form of a diffused swelling rather than of a detinite

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the mouth, excitation of the sexual desire, especially in the bull,

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which the teaching is, in large part, directed. Surely cer-

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San Joaquin Valley (Cal. ) Medical Society.— The elev-

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It may be broadly stated that the course and prorrrcss of this

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tive tissue of the submucosa, and the inner perichon-

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not verj- well known by the laity. A chronic gonorrhea may

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this disease out of 44,841,779 carcasses inspected : that

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six to forty-eight hours, surgery is applicable. 3. In so-called

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sottlci^euts with owners of property affected. The Authority

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nective tissue about the jaws, neck, and face, or as results of