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Inoculation as practised by Mr. Eutherford, V.S., Edinburgh,
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were 24 cases of typhoid fever ; in 9 of tliese there were re-
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the prairie dog, .md that cattle inoculated with this attenuated
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•I'resented to the Section on Laryngology and Otology, at the
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grunter, however, stands the tests used to detect roaring, without
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the acme of medical science is the prevention of disease,
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snuff' up fluids or to pour them into the nose with some
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larly those of sound, which outweigh — submerge as it
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state is now in the course of the twelfth recurrence of the
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dilatation of the cardiac cavities, degeneration of the walls some
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(c.) Gurgling Battles, cavernous Bhonchi <yr Bales.— The burst-
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vessels entering the ven.Te vorticosie and allow them to dilate;
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stand ; but such diseases as apoplexy of the spleen, quarter-ill,
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source of great loss to the horseowner, and of great anxiety to
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of injuries, fatal or otherwise, received in consequence of hav-
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The question of splenic fever vaccine, which is the mos important,
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type, are still better developed. Europe was then peopled by
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to Judge of the extent to which we have thus influenced
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71 Case of Hemorrhage from the Conjunctiva in au Infant.
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Imentioned : I seldom employ them or hear of their use,
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the condyles can only be securely maintained by cutting
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by Haycock, who named it, at the suggestion of Mr. J;i.mes
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to Judge of the extent to which we have thus influenced
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matters of personal hygiene and insist upon their ob-
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devised. The tracks in wl;icli such a pursuit must be followed
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should be under the constant supervision of a specially trained
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of which may be two or three times that of the diameter of the
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an india-rubber tube introrceLrf ""'r"''' "^J' ■»™" »'
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the legislature, of $300,000 for the establishment of a new hos
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bs pleased if the Redevelop-uent Authority vrill sell the site to