ing of this society was held at Vernon, March 4, and the follow-
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to myself, and I would set the normal limit for young
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tl-e five others the virus 1 h» 'T'"''' '-''"'''»'-™; (*) In
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3ears ago. In cases of neurotic eczema the results will
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'■-■•>;:•;'';■■':... "^routes for a considerable .viumbor ofi*truck3 destined along
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Drive and the Centi^a.! Artery, and the topography of the
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are available at rents or prices within the financial means
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renewed in the vital fluid the disease might be overcome,
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Agricultural Society's Transactions, 1863.) Should thp. di.sease
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h;x] their share in the production of morbid phenomena. That
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when accompanied by total loss of appetite, the quantity of
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breathing, which is generally stertorous; now anTthen there is
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connection with the elevation of the temperature, the diagnoiis
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but not within 600' of the intersection of the easterly
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The redeveloper will be obliged, under the terms of the disposition
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those appertaining to the highest functions of judgment,
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Deutsche Med. Wochenschrift (Leipsic), February 21.
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As to the treatment of placenta previa, we should consider this
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but ail the phenoZurc^? ; ' ■^'/''l''^''''"'^'^'"'"'^"'=«P«^'
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too much stimulated by blood which has lost more than usual
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as rickets. So-called strumous conditions of young chil-
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Horand (Chirurgien en chef de I'Antiquaille k Lyons), and M.
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cystoscope devised by himself, consisting of a main tube for
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pointed and now in San Francisco. Cal., to report for transporta-
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some, however, diarrhoea succeeds to a torpid condition of the
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form, and is due to oedema or effusion of serum. I have re-
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they are described as "made up of bodies resembling
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History of Syphilis. L. Hirsciiderg.— This thesis states
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the influence of its virus. It is amongst horned cattle that we
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«(* ./^^AWfsp, page 4jb, 1 hey are very uterestinfT hnt
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It was the spirit which animated Vesalius which later
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is Burnett's rule. Ravogli prescribes four to six weeks,
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under the skiu with the point of a lancet, by rubbing the greasy
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sorts of substances ; for example, nothing seems to give greater
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Most probably the accession of disease, when nutritious food is
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multipolar cells of the spinal gray matter. The im-
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and scarlet fever arc different names for the same disease. Hun-
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bedside instruction. Since 1868 it has been the fixed regula
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years ago tried to eliminate postnasal growths by dropping salt
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warning is given of the quantitative ditference in "pro-
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is that which we designate as the embryologic, ontogenetic
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upon it, increase the congestion, or, what is perhaps of greater
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supposed action of a valve or sphincter apparatus guard-
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the animal is otherwise recovering. An abundant secretion
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modified in degree, but not in character, by the amount
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and myopia are not as a rule congenital, but originate in early
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each popliteal space. Some of them are as large as a man's
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