Dr. George A. Zeller, Peoria, who went to the Philippines
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are evaporated at 55 C, when nothing is supposed to
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that this method of treatment is for the more advanced
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"Such a serious variety of infections as those listed and
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such as strong doses of salts, bleeding, calomel, &c., always
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spoonful for a small dog or young puppy, to an ounce for a well-
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tagnant blood. Under these circumstances, the inner coat of
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at all — by hand. For this purpose no water can be too filthy.
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Apoplexy from degeneration is seen in old horses, in which
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acid ; by fractures of the cranial walls, the pressure of tumours
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ot effete materials. Quinine, the mineral acids, and the salts of
Tlie fatty metamorphosis may be looked upon as a salutary
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pendently of each other. The result is a lack of uniformity or
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for the portion of the spur that enters the tube fails to pass
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serum, htemorrhage, thrombosis, and gangrene; and of active
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tion. Lead paint, leaden bullets, and other insoluble forms of
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cent, of the cases the disease was preceded by influenza.
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tions from this point, with special doctors' sleepers attached
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developed by the degradation of tissues consequent upon" the
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the cardiac branches of the great sympathetic or ganglionic nerve.
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•Some Facts Regarding "Ureine." A. F. Chace and William
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the body and kidneys. It is advisable to give an aperient, and
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another series of experiments Bert took anthrax blood contain
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84. Chronic Myocarditis. — According to Quine, myocardiac
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whole body are enlarged, strengthened, and made capable of per-
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cure of varicocele bv the high incision with ligation and ex-
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to take Its proper place in the sphere of Medicine,-is beincr
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up with four pleasant, comfortable bed-rooms and a bathroom.
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or, still better, of a hot poultice or epithem, utidoubtedly may
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tissue ; in the very old the murmur is scarcely preceptible, and
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which he studies, and of the relations of these forms to
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stances, however, this redness of the skin may be entirely
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the pulse irregular, feeble, sometimes extremely so, rapid, from
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and intercellular substance. The cells become filled with the
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indifferent, ought to be changed. If the horse is fed on oats and
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important of which are— first, that they have all certain
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are always tubercular is erroneous. In themselves, they merely
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favourably, they also appear to be quite unnecessary. In a few
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vesication; the twentieth, twenty-first, and twenty-second of
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more nutritious aliments, they are freely supplied with food
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